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credit available at low rates of interest

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The era of cheap money in Europe should come to an end -- despite the strong euro," Cryan told a room full of bankers in Frankfurt on Wednesday, a day before the ECB's governors meet to discuss policy.
While addressing bankers in Frankfurt, Cryan said, 'The era of cheap money in Europe should come to an end - despite the strong euro.
With hawkish comments this week from central bank heavyweights sparking speculation that the era of cheap money is coming to an end, Gold may struggle to maintain its ground in the short term.
Failure to do so will just allow levels of debt to increase even further, and since cheap money encourages excessive risk-taking (inflated stock valuations, soaring house prices etc), it would also multiply the chances of bubbles bursting with disastrous results.
While cheap money remains a key factor in valuation build up, there are no signs of drastic policy action that will be taken to cool the markets in the near future, thanks to the persisting low growth low inflation environment, according to analysts.
Monetary policy has stayed too loose for too long, but that is not primarily a failure of central banks - it is a failure of politicians, who have avoided the spending commitments and deeper economic reforms, painful at first, that would wean us off cheap money.
Now, however, the equity houses of cards built on trillions of digital dollars are not worth the paper they're not printed on and can no longer be supported by cheap money policy.
In other words, the cheap money drug will keep dominating the market for a while longer, but will be administered in smaller doses.
This would end nearly a decade of monetary easing that provided an inflow of cheap money into the world's economy in order to counter the global financial crisis.
So is the Philippine economy-having grown accustomed to cheap money for the better part of the last decade-ready for higher interest rates?
Therefore, they will try even harder, with cheap money and expensive threats, to secure some kind of servility.
The banks will have an access to long and cheap money.
The 2008 financial crisis demonstrates that low interest rates encourage borrowing cheap money and irresponsible spending, fooling frugal savers.
As Washington is preparing to stop the supply of cheap money which has been helping to revive the US, the euro has begun to fall sharply against the dollar, resulting in a weaker currency.
London - Global investors are starting to cut back on stock market positions, wary of a wave of financial market turbulence in the final quarter of 2014 as the era of cheap money ends.