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Synonyms for cheap

Synonyms for cheap

Synonyms for cheap

relatively low in price or charging low prices



of very poor quality

embarrassingly stingy

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Defensive hand-checking has basketball jerseys cheap been removed http://www.
In its fourth-quarter Barometer report, the business lobby said 63 per cent of manufacturers complained cheap imports make local products uncompetitive.
Citizens will get other privileges, too, besides the cheap tariff in the suppliers' race to grab as bigger share of the market as possible.
In fact, Cheap Cheap Cheap's only saving grace is that it's on at 3pm when no one's watching, other than drunks finally coming round from the night before and stay-at-home mums whose brains are already so frazzled from constant goo-goo ga-ga'ing and cleaning up milk sick that even a runaway HGV smashing through the living room wall would come as a welcome diversion.
com/flight-deals/priceline-survey-flight-deals-feel-better-than-sex) Priceline survey reported Wednesday by Travel and Leisure surveyed men and women between the ages of 18 and 69 regarding their feelings about cheap flights.
Just days before it aired Noel tried to explain the premise, describing Cheap Cheap Cheap as "a gameshow that thinks it's a sitcom".
Last year his show Deal or No Deal was axed after 11 years but now he's back with a new offering, Cheap Cheap Cheap.
Noel Edmond's new quiz show Cheap Cheap Cheap is a flop flop flop, with just 270,000 viewers tuned in to watch the opener.
78 billion were being spent on the provision of cheap flour as the government had provided bags of cheap flour at shops, besides Ramazan bazaars.
Cheap gasoline from Russia might result in shutdown of Kazakhstan's oil refineries, said Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Vladimir Shkolnik during today's government hour at the lower house of the country's Parliament.
A leading provider of inexpensive flightsto and from South Africa, Cheap Flights SA, has announced a competition for new R1000 flight discounts from the company.
eu announced cheap dedicated Windows cloud server hosting plans.
uk) or be charmed on the cheap with this PS5 one, right, from Freedom at Topshop.
The two Pakistani suspects were offering people the service of making cheap phone calls to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and were charging a dirham for 10 minutes.
Cheap clothes In Bangla Desh a child toils for fifteen hours a day.