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a person with a prejudiced belief in the superiority of his or her own kind

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an extreme bellicose nationalist

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They would sit back and blame it on bad governance and poor policing - never realising that the reasons behind such crimes are people like them, who are raising a chauvinist society right within their homes by exposing their children to highly discriminatory opinions like the ones applauded at this "social event".
The chauvinists have a plan to destabilize the Kirkuk situations during the protests.
The town is in desperate need of this development and it would take a curmudgeon or regional chauvinist not to see it.
She vowed: "I'm determined to show all the chauvinists and doubters out there that there's more to being a woman than hairdos and make-up.
The French are chauvinists,'' sports sociologist Patrick Mignon said.
This allowed California chauvinists to collect nearly 40 percent profits if they did nothing but bet on California-based jockeys to win the 10 races simulcast from Churchill Downs on the Friday and Saturday of the Kentucky Derby.
The sexual ethos of C&W and rap are depressingly similar: the men of both genres are champion chauvinists.
Male chauvinists lamented the power conferred upon 'new women' by sexual emancipation.
Local communication managers are too often chauvinists, looking out for their own turf.
Arab chauvinists are always trying to find a way to attack Kurdish people.
IT doesn't matter what male chauvinists think about women's football, the past fortnight of World Cup coverage has at least proved one thing - not all tomboys are ugly.
I don't imagine many real-life female detectives rummage through their wardrobes to find these items when they are sent out on a case, not with the real-life chauvinists they have to work with constantly checking them out.
Municipal chauvinists could persuasively suggest that the flashiest but also most stylish (now there's a combination for you
A neurosurgeon with a degree in physics, Vertosick contends that people are brain chauvinists, who wrongly believe that human intelligence is unique in the biological realm.