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fanatical patriotism

activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women

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As a gallant invalid, the "picturesque" Laurier personified an ideal of Canada emergent in his time: a nation middle-class, domestic, bilingual, brave but gentle, invested in its colonial past but not chauvinistically or exclusively British.
In the beginning, then, Miranda chauvinistically pities Caliban because he is not European.
Regrettably, potential US adversaries often chauvinistically confuse the American people's decreasing resolve over time during the Vietnam, Afghan, and Iraq conflicts--along with the various 1980s and 1990s interventions--as a cultural "casualty squeamishness" that fails to account for their demonstrated passions, willingness to sacrifice, and political demands for decisive retribution following the Pearl Harbor and 11 September 2001 attacks.
The reason was not, however, the high level of interest displayed on the part of composers and the music-loving public, but the politicisation of a chauvinistically tinted dispute about the opera's quality and the eruption of a media-fuelled scandal following its second rerun.
He should ponder that as he chauvinistically slips in his article "Joyfully I drive my Birmingham-made Jaguar car on a daily basis" and while it's encouraging to see road name plates manufacturer Amey setting up a new factory, it's a drop in the ocean and will do nothing to restore the reputation of our once great 'city of a thousand trades'.
The policy was not necessarily as chauvinistically pro-English as was believed.
Even as it celebrates the diversity of the Kirov's ballerinas, docu reveals the stultifying sameness of the Kirov repertoire, apparently unchanged for decades, chauvinistically favoring Russian composers (admittedly, it's hard to beat Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev in the field) and overly dependent on 19th-century and early 20th-century choreography.
system of ideas forming a worldview that chauvinistically exalts male
Moreover, and unbeknownst to Ban, Mersenne rather chauvinistically chose for the competition a poem that Boesset had already treated to a very successful setting; as if this did not give the French sufficient advantage, Mersenne also altered one line of the poem.
Still on the theme of women being "the cause of a lot of trouble" as Shaw chauvinistically terms it, the conversation shifts to the legendary war between the Greeks and the Trojans over "some woman" (Rescue 22).
And he mocks the negative treatment of these books by Irish critics who chauvinistically resent the fact that the Joycean "industry" was led by non-Irishmen.