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Synonyms for chauvinism

fanatical patriotism

activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women

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Moreover, and unbeknownst to Ban, Mersenne rather chauvinistically chose for the competition a poem that Boesset had already treated to a very successful setting; as if this did not give the French sufficient advantage, Mersenne also altered one line of the poem.
David chauvinistically responds to her unexpected request by joking that that he wants to become a synchronized swimmer.
In the beginning, then, Miranda chauvinistically pities Caliban because he is not European.
What we are talking about are the actual human rights of a woman in desperate need; a woman who appears to have been chauvinistically kicked into the wayside; a woman who has been left in a state of misery and rejection by the abject discrimi- nation she has experienced.
It is when Josey, her protests to management having fallen on chauvinistically deaf ears, is physically attacked that she decides to take legal action.
The real contribution of John Garth's study lies, I believe, in his explanation of Tolkien's answer to this central problem: how to be faithfully but not chauvinistically English, how to retrieve the noblest virtues of his own land and people while avoiding any notion of "England over all others.
And he mocks the negative treatment of these books by Irish critics who chauvinistically resent the fact that the Joycean "industry" was led by non-Irishmen.