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Allegedly, Liverpool's reluctance to employ policewomen was due to it being a chauvinistic area.
It also sweeps away age-old chauvinistic attitudes which may have once barred females from climbing the professional ladder and bestows just rewards on women willing to take on the challenge.
If you're interested in 2000 Bordeaux, which even the most chauvinistic California wine buffs admit is a great vintage, you can procure good information entirely free regarding specific label quality and current retail prices.
Ninette de Valois still had hankerings for a chauvinistic British tradition, with ballets based on the prints of William Hogarth and Thomas Rowlandson, and even invited Leonide Massine to create, with dire results, a Scottish bal]et, Donald of the Burthens.
Digging further, I found this statement in Smith's 1991 book The World's Religions: "The project of becoming fully human involves transcending, sequentially, egoism, nepotism, parochialism, ethnocentrism, and chauvinistic nationalism, and (we should now add) self-sufficient humanism.
In numerous cases, Shahak shows, general terms such as "thy fellow," "stranger," or even "man," are taken to have an exclusivist and chauvinistic meaning.
Christiana Tsavliris did and while she ended up with a very rich man he was a tight-fisted, mean-spirited, chauvinistic Neanderthal who subjected her to 10 years of mental abuse, refused to give her a credit card and even refused to carry a key to their pounds 10million mansion in Surrey because it meant she had to be there whenever he deigned to come home.
Those very few females who manage to ride even semi-regularly have suffered from an extremely chauvinistic press measuring them not, as common sense might dictate, against male riders at a similar stage in their careers but against the best efforts of the top riders who are obviously more match fit and normally better mounted.
But here we find Rosetta Brooks, one of the first curators to exhibit this work in the '70s, espousing the chauvinistic viewpoint that the Whitechapel curators set out to dismantle.
Arguing that Rococo should have been the prevailing decorative style between 1710 and 1770, he and Earnshaw condemn eighteenth-century Palladianism as a cultural disaster imposed on a chauvinistic ruling class.
Hooley, the self-styled "Napoleon of Finance"; Whitaker Wright, floater of imaginary mining companies; and Horatio Bottomley, the chauvinistic editor of John Bull who made a swindle out of war bonds.
Besides Miss Thorpe, the only other woman in this male chauvinistic world who was not a hostess, wife, or maid was the brilliant, erratic, tyrannical and Roosevelt-hating Cissy Patterson, owner of the Washington Times Herald.
No word on who will be the next celebrity lobbyist for the National Association for the Sexist, Chauvinistic, Irritating, Condescending and Dated.
BDI punished the chauvinistic calls at the European Handball Championship in Nis which the players were unfortunately part of.
SINGLE TV producer Abby is horrified when Mike, a chauvinistic, self-proclaimed expert on the male psyche is hired to appear on her show - and becomes a success.