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Synonyms for chauvinism

fanatical patriotism

activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women

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New Delhi [India], August 22 ( ANI ): With the Muslim practice of Triple Talaq getting struck down as 'unconstitutional' with a 3:2 majority, senior advocate Subramanian Swamy, while welcoming the decision, said it was a 'great day for women who defied male chauvinism.
Despite the shared concern about Soviet great-power chauvinism, the East Europeans acted pragmatically when the Chinese challenged the Soviet Union.
If I consider British Ceramics, (in line with my home nation's chauvinism,) Grayson Perry and Edmund de Waal are notable absentees.
Burma's [Myanmar's] government must face down that chauvinism and change its policies.
In fact, Modi rose to power at the head of a family of right-wing organizations that largely do not share his economic priorities, and that are obsessed with so-called "cultural nationalism"-- which is essentially just repackaged Hindu chauvinism.
The North East still faces anti-northern chauvinism that runs through Whitehall and Westminster like words on a stick of Whitley Bay rock.
The Golden Treasury of popular music already contains material suitable for the purpose of patriotic pride, although I do not favour chauvinism.
Having been abused as a child and sickened at what she saw as the casual chauvinism of 90s America, she launched punk band Bikini Kill and, unwittingly, inspired the 'Riot Grrrl' movement that changed not just the face of music but made Hanna, now 45, a cultural icon.
ISLAMABAD -- The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) denouncing the arrest of Hurriyet leaders and activists by the Indian police has termed it as the worst example of fascism and chauvinism.
In such a scenario, there is no room for digital chauvinism," he said.
But I'm glad that he was, especially now he expects us to believe all his disgusting rudeness, sexism, chauvinism, misogyny and general hideousness was all an "act" as he claimed in his defence.
Her mum's not happy with her job as Denise has to put up with sexist blokes down the nick who can't even spell chauvinism.
6 -- The gang-rape of a girl in a moving bus in Delhi is reflection on male chauvinism.
Written as an extended essay, Perelman considers the reactionary foundations of the Olympic Games in early 20th-century national chauvinism, stadiums and the culture of spectatorship, sporting as a mode of production and academic discipline, sexuality and sport, standardized aesthetics, and doping and addiction.
One needs only to look at the sexual abuse of children carried out by a misogynistic Church, the hostility shown towards women rape victims by a police force and judiciary steeped in chauvinism and the abject failure of our male-dominated political institutions to protect working women from financial exploitation.