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Though not without side effects including nausea, chaulmoogra oil was the treatment of choice for acute stages of the disease and as a topical agent for ulcerating lesions.
35) El aceite de chaulmoogra (Gynocardia odorata) se uso en forma topica o inyectada en las lesiones.
33) The Bibanga camp depicted in Song After Sorrow thus falls within the category of what Vaughan calls a "colony within a colony," in which sufferers of Hansen's disease are treated by Kellersberger with Chaulmoogra oil, learn the practical skills necessary to construct their own village segregated from outside "tribal" communities, and imbibe a heavy dose of Christian moralizing from both white missionaries and "native ministers.
Chaulmoogra oil was used and caused nausea and "leper fever".
46 Chaulmoogra oil was a traditional remedy for which disease?
Medieval doctors tried herbal and chemical cures such as Chaulmoogra (hydnocarpus) oil that they applied to the patient's body.