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a woman chauffeur

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We were stunned into silence to discover that our chauffeur was in fact a chauffeuse.
Throughout his life, he enjoyed the love and support of his wife Mary, who, as he never learned to drive, acted as his chauffeuse to courses around the country.
With a bit of reverse shimmying, the chauffeuse snaffled the last parking space outside Artisam, so she was in a good fettle.
As you may remember, the chauffeuse has a perverse response to navigating new places, speeding up as she becomes increasingly unsure of where she is, and this was no exception.
Thankfully, Sir Alex Ferguson was cleared of any wrong-doing after his early morning chauffeuse turned out to have pound signs on her mind when she spied her high-profile passenger.
The Inn on the Green's generous car park meant the chauffeuse had plenty of space to slew round and get the beast positioned for the return journey.
The chauffeuse suggested things were livelier than expected for a midweek evening.
It was very easy to zip past it but the eagle-eyed chauffeuse spotted it.
However, it still took considerable navigational skills to untangle the map of snaking back roads that ended in an almost hidden archway leading into the hotel/restaurant grounds, before we were safely parked and the chauffeuse was happily running her reading finger along the menu.
lt;<Ce n'est pas une femme>> etudie la relation complexe entre l'identite sexuelle et la culture de travail chez les chauffeuses de taxi de Halifax.