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According to participants in the study, boosts of courage, chattiness and other social benefits of drinking outweigh its harms, which they generally did not consider as strong deterrents.
Some of the chapters suffer from too much chattiness or too little critique.
Palmer's repetitive chattiness, and they are plunged into silence by extended discussion about the comparative heights of children.
If only a handful of angels have engaged humanity throughout history, they've still had, for all their lack of chattiness, a disproportionately large effect.
Now Riverbed is tackling server-to-disk chattiness by cutting roundtrip block requests, Wolford says.
His chattiness aside, the work remains empirically grounded and logically rigorous.
In fact her openness and chattiness, not to mention her impeccable manners, were a joy to watch.
However, their quick wit andrestlessness can sometimes lead to chattiness, and they can often be relied upon at large social gatherings for a good story or a juicy bit of gossip.
However, their quick wit and restlessness can sometimes lead to chattiness and they can often be relied upon at large social gatherings for a good story or a juicy bit of gossip.
The letters assembled here with such deliberate care and attention reveal a personality comfortable with itself and with its own weaknesses, somewhat given to chattiness, peevish when frustrated--in general, not ballasted to withstand a high wind.
Tom Bradley is a low-key, easygoing Christ whose chattiness only occasionally reminded me of Cliff Richard.
this leads him into chattiness, or padding where our factual knowledge
In contrast to Protee's silence, restraint and mystery, the crowd of French guests who arrive evoke all of the chattiness of French culture, and the insensitive thoughtlessness of people of privilege, giving them an absurdist, provocative role.
Depending on vendor positioning, they offer varying degrees of local caching, protocol optimization, chattiness reduction, and compression to speed the packets of data going back and forth from branch to data center.
In any case, the servants' cruel chattiness makes Sissi's stoic silence appear all the more admirable as she stubbornly refuses to justify or explain her behavior and motivations.