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in a chatty manner


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She writes chattily, if at times a bit obsessively, and has a great professor's ability to make the complex accessible.
Keeping it child-accessible are a host of aids including the ongoing, chattily quirky conversation of a flock of chickens that takes place in the page margins.
Engagingly, however, all these contributors, usually known for their scholarly analyses of early modern drama, switch here to a chattily anecdotal style, at least in their placing of themselves in the institutions in which they have taught.
Able to conjure the chattily cosmopolitan tone of his closest progenitor, he also shared with O'Hara an innately musical ear.
The new manager came to take our order and chattily apologised for the temporary shortcomings of the wine list, and made informed suggestions about which one we might prefer.
One was chattily entitled The Cabinet of Venus Unlocked in a Series of Dialogues Between Louisa Lovestone and Mariana Greedy, Two Cyprians
37) Later, in the Stalinist 1930s, when Satirikon and all its works were long since officially discredited as 'bourgeois intellectual' aberrations, the chattily anachronistic 'historical scene' was re-employed by Mikhail Zoshchenko in his Sky-blue Book [Golubaia kniga], and it was through Zoshchenko that this device became--to use the 1066 terminology--'memorable' in Russian culture.
Presented as a very funny and insightful diary, Higgins (2003) chattily confesses the role of movies in personal salvation.
If you think the preceding paragraph is no more than faint praise, then you need to see George Clooney as a heartless but toothy Los Angeles divorce lawyer, Catherine Zeta-Jones as the Woman in Red (his antagonist in courtroom and bedroom) and Billy Bob Thornton as a tall-hatted, chattily amorous Texas oilman--the latter being an amalgam, you might say, of John D.
The implicit message of That's Entertainment--delivered as much by the old film clips as by Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and the other aging stars who chattily introduced the numbers--was that they don't film songs like they used to.
And Dryden chattily records the social type who `runs an Indian muck at all he meets'.
I had every reason to feel pleased with myself, and when I mailed The Defense from a small town in Washington State called Walla Walla, I added chattily that we were there to watch our first rodeo.
Older children looked askance at my daughter as she chattily circled the stand.
Livingston pays due attention to their Indian heritage while doing justice to their artistic achievements in this chattily informal but informative book.
Indeed, it is that very "range" of possibility for dialogism, whether narrow or broad, that calls for a closer look in An Essay on Criticism; after all, a poem that wittily and chattily begins "'Tis hard to say, if greater Want of Skill / Appear in Writing or in Judging ill" (1-2, emphasis added) invites us, not to say teases us, into an exploration of its dialogic potential.