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in a chatty manner


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The new manager came to take our order and chattily apologised for the temporary shortcomings of the wine list, and made informed suggestions about which one we might prefer.
And Dryden chattily records the social type who `runs an Indian muck at all he meets'.
I've lived the life of Riley for 13 years and have always had a lot of energy,' Craig says chattily.
Livingston pays due attention to their Indian heritage while doing justice to their artistic achievements in this chattily informal but informative book.
Presented as a very funny and insightful diary, Higgins (2003) chattily confesses the role of movies in personal salvation.
The implicit message of That's Entertainment--delivered as much by the old film clips as by Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and the other aging stars who chattily introduced the numbers--was that they don't film songs like they used to.
Pausing only to remove her bra, the mum-of-three began a massage before chattily revealing: "I enjoy my work.
Major architecturalfactors in the making of a resonant urbanity, such as the iconography of buildings and their settings, pop up suddenly to be dealt with chattily and superficially before moving on to the next item (e.
There's a sociable atmosphere and the landlady is chattily helpful.