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The Chatterer came directly to the tree--I remember it was an oak tree--and began to climb up.
The Chatterer was ever a coward, and greater always than any anger he ever worked up was his caution.
Peering up through the bushes, I could see the Chatterer.
I made up my mind never to return to my mother and the Chatterer.
Once I looked back and saw the Chatterer still chanting and teetering.
I had but one purpose, and that was to go away beyond the reach of the Chatterer.
The placement of the in-line mic is a little too low, which will annoy if you're a regular handsfree chatterer, although the lead is removable.
could tell the stroke was bad from how her grandmother, not a chatterer,
Loerke is "a chatterer, a mag-pie, a maker of mischievous word-jokes, that were sometimes very clever, but which often were not" (422).
Eumer Asan, the owner of Heyamola Publications who spoke to Sunday's Zaman, said: "Unfortunately Temel is presented as a foolish, chatterer, uncivilized and rude person in the series.
Traits characterizing girls include irritable (restless), offended, hate, weary, worrisome, intimate (hugs, kisses, misses), coward, giggler, and chatterer.
The four "boys" are: Norman, who loves doughnuts; Lucien, who lugs around a weighty pile of books he cannot read; Arnold, a hyperactive, compulsive chatterer with a persecution complex; and Barry, who fantasizes that he is a golf pro.
She puts this to good use, however, in such songs as "Schweig' einmal still," in which she chides her lover, "Do be quiet, you wretched chatterer .
The narrator who is supposed to be a chatterer immediately proves to be surprisingly quiet.
I spin out my consciousness, this compulsive chatterer, this idle rambling voice that will so soon be mute.