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Synonyms for chatterbox

Synonyms for chatterbox

orchid growing along streams or ponds of western North America having leafy stems and 1 greenish-brown and pinkish flower in the axil of each upper leaf

an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker

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Worried: Alyson McCusker, co-ordinator of Chatterboxes, fears for the future.
Type D chatterboxes are those who are simply too thick either to realise that they are contributing nothing by their chattering or are so delighted by the sound of their own voices, and were never given the corrective slap around the head in childhood (now illegal) that might have persuaded them to shut up occasionally, that they continue to chatter unchecked.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - Teacher Sheri Rubolino dreams of having a class full of motor-mouths and chatterboxes.
In the second section, Oller struck a truer note with a neat, witty quartet for two chatterboxes (Nicole Corea, Irene Hogarth) and their admirers (Yarden Ronen, Solomon Bafana Matea), who conducted their curvy, body-swiveling courtships over a genteel cup of tea.
and one political website has gone to extraordinary lengths to find out who are the chatterboxes of the Commons and who are the silent types.
Chatterboxes behind the wheel are more likely to be men - as the survey found 25 per cent of males drove while deep in conversation as opposed to 22per cent of women.
People love talking on the phone as well as guessing which celebrities are the biggest chatterboxes.
YOUNG chatterboxes used their voices to good effect to help raise cash for a children's charity.
CHATTERBOXES are more likely to have bad breath than silent types, it was claimed yesterday.
The classes use role-playing exercises to teach drivers how to handle fare dodgers, drunks, chatterboxes and passengers with body odor.