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Synonyms for chatterbox

Synonyms for chatterbox

orchid growing along streams or ponds of western North America having leafy stems and 1 greenish-brown and pinkish flower in the axil of each upper leaf

an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker

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She said, The content will not be stored in the Chatterbox so no one can see your history of transactions or get your PIN details .
When Camp Chatterbox campers, who range in age from five to 22, are not using their AAC device to enjoy the usual camp activities, they are learning how to optimize the AAC technology for improved daily living through specific language-based activities.
Guests at the Chatterbox Cafe at the University's Ramsden Building (below), organised by lecturer Andrew Clifton, senior mental health nurs-|ing expert (below right)
Our team has created a 3D avatar version of Martin which is extremely realistic and Chatterbox is a voice to voice communication method which gives specific data that is programmed in," he said.
Chatterbox Challenges are being run all over the country this month to raise money for children with communication difficulties.
Obviously it's helpful to tell ourselves there's a car coming and it's not safe to cross the road, or to remind ourselves to buy bread on the way home, but there are times when the chatterbox is counter-productive.
According to the company, Chatterbox eliminates the need for pc headsets, microphones and speakers.
They will also be here when all this chatterbox drivel is well forgotten.
ClearCommerce identified four distinct types of consumer from the research: the Chatterbox Consumer (31%) who prefers to buy most products over the telephone; the Close Contact Consumer (22%) who prefers to purchase products in a face-to-face environment; the Converted Consumer (25%) who is happy to buy products over the Internet without speaking to customer services or visiting a store; and the Confused Consumer (22%) who uses multiple ways to buy products, for example visiting a store before buying online and confirming the booking over the phone.
For good measure, he lso saddled third-placed I'm A Chatterbox.
Chatterbox showed up this morning to write that story about our house, he smelled strongly of drink.
Salesforce Chatterbox will deliver simple and secure file sharing across devices with the proven trust of Salesforce
Performers have all volunteered to give their time for free to help boost the fundraising effort for Pam, who is also directing the Chatterbox Productions' show.
A CHATTERBOX threeyear-old saved her mum's life by calling for help on her phone when she went into a coma.
A veteran NYPD police officer (Bruce Willis) joins forces with a chatterbox gangster (Tracy Morgan) to catch a thief in the comedy COP OUT.