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For example, rather than encouraging owners to dispose of their unwanted chattels in an orderly way, it might instead simply encourage them unilaterally to destroy the unwanted chattel on their own land.
By the law of the slave states he may have become a chattel, but by nature he was in truth a human person.
Generally, trespass to chattel punishes one who substantially interferes with the use of another's personal property, or chattel.
A wasting chattel, one with an expected useful life of less than 50 years, is exempt from CGT regardless of the proceeds realised.
Here, she demonstrates how "ex-slaves' narratives challenged sentimental conceptualizations of servitude" through what she calls "kitchen testimony" (105), hinging on the experiences of "waged, 'bound,' and chattel servants' voices," although she observes that some of these voices were "ventriloquized" by editors and publishers (13).
Architectural-salvage specialists at Moon River Chattel offer hard-to-find fixtures and hardware, 62 Grand Street.
The Chattel Principle: Internal Slave Trades in the Americas, edited by Walter Johnson.
There are so many places where women are still chattel and baby girls are worthless.
My concern, however, is the effect of equating the history of chattel slavery and genocide of Native people, which depended on white people actually believing Black and Native people were animals, to the current treatment of animals.
Beloved is, in fact, a veritable gothic grammar comprised of nouns and verbs conjugated in ways that both repeat and revise traditional gothic ideas, such as "haunting" and "possession" of the spirit; the enslaved, chattel body; and the "body" of the text.
Tony Blair didn't attend the service because he was on holiday with his family - he has children, unlike McCririck who doesn't and who regards his wife as a chattel.
The 200-page book includes a range of gardens, such as those found at mansions, suburban and country homes and chattel houses, according to a spokesman for the publisher.
Chattel slavery not only fostered physical abuse, degradation, drudgery, sexual exploitation, permanent servitude, and racism: the institution also involved mental agony and cultural oppression for those enslaved.
In the 1950s, Boston microfilmed and later destroyed the hard copies of chattel mortgages filed with the City Clerk from 1830 to 1958.