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Real property loans have a small secondary market through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and through Ginnie Mae, which also purchases some chattel loans.
This rule of Uniform Commercial Code Article 9 talks about 'controlling' Electronic Chattel Papers (ECP) to provide secured parties more leeway to develop reliable systems, and monitor and control those documents.
Generally, for the finder to claim the found chattel, he or she needs permission to be on the land.
A product of its time, the law meant married women were property, or chattel of their husbands.
As part of their service offer, Macquarie Leasing will accept American Express for monthly payments for new commercial hire purchase, chattel mortgage and finance lease agreements.
In an interview to be broadcast on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show today, Mr Bercow said: "My wife isn't my chattel, she's my wife.
Generally, trespass to chattel punishes one who interferes with the use of another's personal property, or chattel.
Other warriors were bought as military chattel from their own rulers, "with transfer fees that modern football clubs could scarcely rival.
Architectural-salvage specialists at Moon River Chattel offer hard-to-find fixtures and hardware, 62 Grand Street.
The Chattel Principle: Internal Slave Trades in the Americas, edited by Walter Johnson.
There are so many places where women are still chattel and baby girls are worthless.
My concern, however, is the effect of equating the history of chattel slavery and genocide of Native people, which depended on white people actually believing Black and Native people were animals, to the current treatment of animals.
The black slaveholders bought and sold their chattel property, worked and leased them, treated them well and abused them, emancipated them and fought tooth and nail to keep them enslaved--just like their white counterparts.