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the mistress of a chateau or large country house

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a chain formerly worn at the waist by women

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Ainsi, en 1949, Charlene Champness presente, dans les pages de Chatelaine, Bill et Marie Menzies, des epoux au debut de la trentaine qui, avec un revenu hebdomadaire de 40 $, reussissent a elever leurs enfants et a bien vivre, exploit que << tout le monde >> croit impossible a accomplir (28).
The leading monthlies--among them Mayfair, Chatelaine, and La Revue Moderne--presented travel as both a mode of self-improvement and a way of negotiating national identity.
An article in Chatelaine last year asked, "Is Justin Trudeau the candidate women have been waiting for?
21], who compared the frequency of calcium and body weight messages in Chatelaine and Flare magazines, concluded that opportunities existed to provide improved calcium and osteoporosis coverage for women under the age of 30 years.
Once liberated from her chatelaine duties, Rose entered a nearly lifelong "Boston marriage" with a rich widow who addressed her as "my Clevy, my Viking, my Everything.
THE self-sacrificing White Dee, chatelaine of THAT street, and too-depressed-towork, helped beat her devils with wet shirt contests, pub crawls and frolics with Megaluf's upper echelon this week.
DELIGHTED to see that the glamorous former model Olga Roh, couturier and Russian-born chatelaine of Inchdrewer Castle has taken my advice and been in touch with Scotland's premier heritage expert Marc Ellington.
brands Chatelaine, Today's hobby, home Licensing Shop,
And Marion Davies, screen blonde bombshell, would reign as chatelaine of the castle.
The candidates for Western Region 1 all hail from Meadow Lake: Michael Bell, Wally Chatelaine and Henry (Guy) Tourond.
Chatelaine, Switzerland: The Basel Convention, United Nations Environment Programme (2011).
Chatelaine Apartments in Lincoln, Nebraska, was financed at $4.
She chaired the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women from 1979 to 1981 and was the president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women from 1982 to 1984, but she is best known as the long-time editor of Chatelaine, Canada's longest lived mainstream women's magazine, which celebrated its eightieth anniversary in 2008.
1904-2003) enjoyed a long and varied life, not least as chatelaine of Greys Court in Oxfordshire which she and her husband Felix purchased in 1937 and gave to the National Trust in 1969.
However, Spencer had criticized his 80-year-old former stepmother Raine for selling off family heirlooms when she was chatelaine of Althorp.