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a long sleeveless vestment worn by a priest when celebrating Mass

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The women designed three garments for the pope's main functions while he's in Kenya: a simple white ankle-length alb, a classic golden sleeveless chasuble, and a white chasuble embroidered with a Maasai tribe design in colored beads.
Fine floral motifs and arabesques are embroidered in gold thread on his chasuble and alb.
Preston Parsons, after seeing how his chasubles often got caught under the wheels of his chair.
They sold serapes, mantillas, scarves, chasubles, embroidery, antiques, books, manuscripts, spurs, and, of course, postcards of the most famous photographers" (Montellano, 1999: 27).
It is worth dwelling over the 18th century goldembroidered chasubles which are shown in a magnificent way and are adorned with exquisite needlework.
One entire room is dedicated to work by or linked to de Lohny, including designs for chasubles (Cathedral of S Maria, Aosta), breviaries (Waiters Art Gallery, Baltimore) and a striking Trinity (Museo Civico d'Arte Antica).
The chasubles could be said to be the culmination of Matisse's long fascination with the possibilities of textiles, a literal fusion of perception and making.
The Ritualistic clergyman is led, or rather misled, by a few ladies who have time and taste for ornamental work, for embroidering coloured stoles, chasubles, &c.
The Latin, the shimmering chasubles, the priest's position with his face toward the altar and his back to the faithful, made him an actor in a sacral theater.
60] He later endowed the foundation with sacred objects and at least thirty silk and velvet vestments, including chasubles and tunics, and altar cloths, many out of cloth-of-gold, richly embroidered and decorated with pearls.
Ecclesiastical fashions are exhibited on a runway where models display chasubles and miters for an audience of nuns and clerics and a presiding cardinal, a pale, sexless creature with crimson robes and ill-suited sunglasses who falls asleep.
Barbie comes with chasubles for every liturgical season, a thurible for incense, and countless other accessories.
It is a wonder that the streets are not dark with habits, clogged with chasubles, as the faithful men and women of the cloth take the parish silver and the proceeds of the collection plate to Paddy Power, lumping on a 100-1 shot that they have long considered a certainty.
3 MATISSE'S CHASUBLES The last room of the 2005 exhibition "Matisse: The Fabric of Dreams--His Art and His Textiles," at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, housed two chasuble maquettes made by Matisse for his total work of art, the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, France.
No doubt this proximity to alcohol was responsible for some of the friction in the college, together with the claustrophobic feeling of living in each other's chasubles.