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a long sleeveless vestment worn by a priest when celebrating Mass

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Dressing in a simple purple chasuble and a plain white miter, Francis again gave a short homily for the Sunday Mass, without a prepared text, and stood at the lectern while speaking, without wearing his miter.
Ecclesiastical fashions are exhibited on a runway where models display chasubles and miters for an audience of nuns and clerics and a presiding cardinal, a pale, sexless creature with crimson robes and ill-suited sunglasses who falls asleep.
German-born Ms Ledbetter, 39,modelled a gold chasuble,costing pounds 700,designed by Juliet Hemingray as a special commission to commemorate Terry Waite's release from captivity.
Throw in the clumsily inflated relationship between Dr Chasuble (Tom Wilkinson) and Cecily's prim tutor Miss Prism (Anna Massey) and the result, compounded by limp (Firth, Everett) and lifeless (Dench) performances, bland photography and inept direction, manage to achieve the impossible and make Wilde both unfunny and boring.
Father Jerry in a white chasuble comes out to greet them.
He also substantially increases a romantic subplot involving Cecily's emotionally stunted governess, Miss Prism (Anna Massey) and the local vicar, Reverend Chasuble (TomWilkinson).
In the actual liturgical procession starting the Mass 15 minutes later, Slattery was dressed not in the cappa magna but in normal liturgical robes, walking up the aisle in an alb and chasuble and carrying a crosier.
During the week I admired Jonathan Cecil's performance at Malvern as Canon Chasuble in The Importance of Being Ernest.
In all, priests wore the amice, alb, cincture, maniple, stole, and chasuble.
Maggie ends up as Lady Bracknell and Sue as the pompous Canon Chasuble.
Each set of vestments has five stoles, an altar fall and a chasuble, a long cloak worn by a priest during services, to be used solely at Birmingham Cathedral.
The door is open and I can see him slide into his alb and then a flowing white and gold chasuble.
Tim Hudson's John Worthing and Timothy Kightley's Canon Chasuble were exactly right.
The celebrant, with his sandwich-board chasuble and his back to the congregation most of the time, mumbled Latin words that most knew only from interlinear translation in bulky missals.