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It was to the house of this grand llama of tailors that D'Artagnan took the despairing Porthos; who, as they were going along, said to his friend, "Take care, my good D'Artagnan, not to compromise the dignity of a man such as I am with the arrogance of this Percerin, who will, I expect, be very impertinent; for I give you notice, my friend, that if he is wanting in respect I will infallibly chastise him.
At first he was tempted to chastise Numa; but, as the ape-man seldom permitted his temper to guide him in any direction not countenanced by reason, he quickly abandoned the idea.
Ready to chastise insolence, sir," cried Alleyne with hashing eyes.
Were you an ape, you would know that only a bull in the throes of madness will turn upon a female other than to gently chastise her, with the occasional exception of the individual whom we find exemplified among our own kind, and who delights in beating up his better half because she happens to be smaller and weaker than he.
Realizing the futility of attempting to catch and chastise Tarzan, Teeka sought to escape him.
The conscience of the woman was troubled; she began to think that the deaths of her favourites was a judgement from heaven to chastise her partiality.
Two city kids convey their surprise at being asked to share their opinions at all, while an angry protester chastises the women attempting to interview him, accusing them of not asking sufficiently serious questions at such a critical moment.
Bobo's brother chastises him for being a scaredy-cat; Bobo's grandpa, Boo-Dad, knows exactly how to scare the featrful creature away.
In the Windsor Report, the Lambeth Commission chastises both our Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church in the U.
He offers stories of orangutans, elephants, and octopuses that can pick locks and take apart cages and a dolphin that chastises its trainer.
Maybe Carr passes on some open shots - even his family chastises him sometimes - but Braswell doesn't need big scoring numbers from his point guard.