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Synonyms for chastisement

something, such as loss, pain, or confinement, imposed for wrongdoing

Synonyms for chastisement

verbal punishment

a rebuke for making a mistake

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Our argument is that it is very difficult to say what level of physical chastisement would be acceptable.
I could not use the defence of reasonable chastisement.
Be Reasonable spokeswoman and mum-ofone Lowri Turner, said: "The law already protects children from being abused: we want that law enforced rather than the Welsh Government spending its time and money targeting parents who love their children, and have happy households where children are disciplined with reasonable chastisement.
Some will feel the case should never have reached magistrates courts - let alone a crown court - for his physical chastisement of a child which left no lasting physical effect.
The Israeli announcement of the construction of 1100 new homes in an East Jerusalem neighborhood prompted condemnations from the Palestinians and strong chastisement from Secretary of State Clinton.
We need to clearly define the line between chastisement by parents as they see fit and violence towards children.
The Brightness of Your Dawn tells her tale with a hard-edged chastisement to the limited goal of simply surviving from day to day.
Ranging in a tone from a lament against murderous outrages committed in God's name even in the modern day to a stern chastisement of allowing modern vices to overtake oneself and one's children, to an uplifting exhortation to place faith in Jesus Christ's love and simply live the best life one can, A Warning from an Angry God is highly recommended for its focus on spirituality with truly humanitarian, life-affirming values.
and those countries whose laws still permit physical chastisement of children (U.
The appendices clarify insights into a variety of topics, from the possible use of the Celtic Cross as a navigational tool to a thorough chastisement of the Darwinian theory of macroevolution (while acknowledging that microevolution, as seen through small species changes due to simple natural selection, does exist).
A LAW was passed last year banning physical chastisement inflicted hard enough to cause a mark.
But Katrina's uncovering of a sea of American "refugees" is a challenge and chastisement to an America that has forgotten its duties to preserve and protect all our people.
It's not as if kids from ordinary families go to those places#BRUISES, welts, burns and broken bones are the difference between abuse and chastisement.
The physical chastisement of children was widely tolerated for much of the twentieth century, even to extremes that by today's standards would be regarded as abuse.