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lack of ornamentation

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The victims' families will also need to be counseled, especially in a conservative society where the chasteness of potential brides is considered extremely important before they get married.
Compared to much of the commercial porn that's being produced today, celebrity sex tapes are notable for their chasteness and sense of restraint.
Long & straight: Long hair is conventionally associated with chasteness and innocence.
Their chasteness and other virtues make of them the elect, and they are considered especially strong intercessors and advocates in the economy of salvation.
Rather it is a simple, solid art that is at the same time strong and delicate with an instinctive chasteness which, by dressing his Nymphs in restraint, has transformed them into Muses.
In a land where the Taliban's often barbaric treatment of females includes creating "secure environments where the chasteness and dignity of women may once again be sacrosanct", Sarah would be needed to search women, to deal with pregnant women, to show that one of the reasons we are in Afghanistan is to make life better for women.