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Synonyms for chassis

Synonyms for chassis

a metal mounting for the circuit components of an electronic device

the skeleton of a motor vehicle consisting of a steel frame supported on springs that holds the body and motor

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In conjunction with the transaction, NYK has designated DCLI as its exclusive chassis provider in CCM pools.
Position 3 10 chassis with a trailing axle and long wheel base.
Custom Chassis expects to build more than 5,000 diesel chassis in the first year, including about 1,500 at Monaco's chassis plant in Coburg, company spokesman Craig Wanichek said.
The terminal is planning to eliminate seven hundred old 1960's vintage 20-foot chassis and replace them with twenty-four.
The Express5800/1020Ba is base priced at $79,000 for the chassis, nine two-way blades, each with 2GB of memory, 136GB of hard drive storage and redundant power.
A truss design is used in the raised flame of the K3 chassis consisting of a web of steel frame rails in both the front and rear, along with a number of sub-structural support beams.
As steamship lines move away from supplying chassis in the U.
Rear drive chassis for driving trailer floors 971-1 pieces.
To fabricate the main chassis components Lotus chose a process well-suited to aluminum: extrusion.
The breadth of Cisco 12000 Series interfaces help deliver core and edge applications such as high-speed peering, IP VPN, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame Relay services in a single Cisco 12800 Series chassis.
eModal's new chassis control tool provides a layer of integration between chassis providers and the Terminal Operating System (TOS) employed by terminal operators.
A patent has been granted to a disposable diaper enabling the male sex organ to be drawn out easily at the time of urination, which includes: a chassis having at least a front body and a rear body when wearing; a liquid permeable top sheet arranged in at least part of the chassis; a liquid impermeable back sheet on one side in the thickness direction of the top sheet; and a liquid retentive absorber between the top sheet and the back sheet.
0 extends INTEGRITY's high-availability credentials by adding a high-availability package for Motorola's CPX8216 CompactPCI chassis.
com) announces the newest addition to its ruggedized chassis product lines, the RCK-202B, an industrial 2U rackmount chassis.