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Synonyms for chasm

Synonyms for chasm

something of immeasurable and vast extent

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a deep opening in the earth's surface

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General Manager of Standley Chasm, Ray Prunty said he was thrilled that construction had begun on the new walking trails.
For three days (Wednesday through Friday), Purgatory Chasm is closed to the public so Van Sant can work his movie magic and transform the famed Sutton tourist attraction into a famed landmark in the Land of the Rising Sun.
That the revelation of God's glory in Jesus through the Transfiguration is surrounded by Jesus' persistent announcement of his journey to the cross tells us what it will take for the chasm between God and God's people to be bridged.
We are seeing a widening chasm between communication-savvy companies (with greatly improved ability to capture attention and stay "on message") and communication-savvy employees (with greatly improved ability to filter out anything that's not immediately relevant and important to them).
This may be a chasm too wide for many of us to cross.
The two organ works reviewed here, Chasm and Symphony for Organ, though sharply contrasting in many respects, share many of the general characteristics of Albright's approach to the compositional process.
The chasm between the accounting profession in developed and developing nations is widening, according to a recent United Nations forum on accounting education.
Like Wright, he struggles to bridge a cultural chasm, to overcome the anxiety of being of African descent but alienated from Africa.
Standley Chasm, owned and operated by the Angkerle Aboriginal Corporation, has received $68,000 in funding to concrete its car park and gravel entrance, provide solid delivery vehicle access, and install drainage.
There's fun to be had here, too, on water or land, exploring quiet backroads or popular hiking spots such as Purgatory Chasm.
Abdullah presents the cultural chasm between the east and the west with her intuitive writings of individuals finding themselves despite their socially set barriers that they inspirationally overcome throughout the eye-opening stories of fate, alienation and solitude.
But Wednesday, Stoneman and Angels owner Arte Moreno both said Boras' proposal was actually worth considerably more than that, and a source indicated the chasm on a minor-league contract was far larger, with the Angels sticking to $4 million and Boras seeking around $5.
Despite this chasm in life and death, it does appear that the rich man knew Lazarus by sight and name.
Once you've taken a hard look and identified the cultural chasm looming between where you are now and where you want to be, how do you get across?