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Synonyms for chaser

a person who is pursuing and trying to overtake or capture


a drink to follow immediately after another drink

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Pin Chasers encourages parents to enrich their kids' summer with active, exciting camp activities.
Staying chasers tend to be much more angular - if you put a Nunthorpe winner in the same field as a Cheltenham Gold Cup winner you could easily distinguish between them.
One storm chaser told us about one of his scariest chases that took place in Texas.
The El Reno Survey was created to crowdsource imagery from storm chasers and to compile submitted materials in a quality-controlled, open-access research database.
While storm chasers come from a variety of backgrounds, all are weather geeks.
The Philippines will soon have its own storm chaser teams.
Reminiscent of the Monument 14 series by Emmy Laybourne and other Hunger Games readalikes, the Sky Chasers series will be an easy sell to teens interested in dystopian and science fiction genres.
The storm chasers were caught in the widest twister in recorded U.
Storm chasers Tim Samaras (right), his son Paul Samaras (left) and Carl Young (second left) are pictured in this undated handout photo along with fellow storm chaser Tony Laubach.
1/5 VALUE SCOPE SAYS: Didn't get home when tried over four miles three years ago and hunter chasers who want to win this need to be in the class of those great old campaigners Grittar and Spartan Missile.
They establish a rapport so many students don't want to let their chasers down.
These are storm chasers, part of the tornado paparazzi.
The wreckage and remains in the desert west of Mojave were found last summer through the work of amateur ``wreck chasers,'' who scour the wilderness for old crash sites.
BRITISH credit card issuers are spending millions promoting loss-leading introductory offers to a minority of rate chasers while the vast majority of customers are left holding uncompetitive accounts, it is claimed today.
Chasers & Hurdlers, 2003/04 (Portway Press pounds 66), long established as the oracle of horse racing and rightly considered as the authoritative voice of the sport, puts the equine darling of every Aston Villa fan behind Moscow Flyer as the Champion Jumper of last season.