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Synonyms for chaser

a person who is pursuing and trying to overtake or capture


a drink to follow immediately after another drink

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As an extreme meteorologist and storm chaser, I've intercepted some of the most powerful storms in the world, from violent tornadoes to category 5 hurricanes," said Reed Teamer, nationally acclaimed storm chaser and featured on Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers.
It is essential that storm chasers demonstrate safe practices during severe weather because their footage is what is distributed by the media.
Martin Keighley Chasers The upwardly mobile Keighley had a breakthrough Grade 1 chase success on December 26 last year when Annacotty landed the Feltham at Kempton.
When asked about the reason for starting the tour, Dawnn states "The motivation for starting the Dear Dream Chasers tour was established while working with clients in Dubai and Asia.
We have ordered the latest three chasers on the basis of the satisfactory performance to design by these first two newbuilds , owner and director Henk Groen comments.
Tornado chasers have a reputation as danger junkies, but not Samaras.
One Tuesday at noon the chasers tracking the EF2 hope for a repeat of the more than two dozen twisters that came the day before.
That the wreck site still contained remains of crew members was discovered when Jordan and another wreck chaser, David Schurhammer, returned at the request of the niece of the plane's radio operator.
The Co-operative says the typical rate chaser is a male, homeowner, aged between 30 and 40 and has no dependants
Best Mate is the best staying chaser but he finds himself in third place in the Chasers list behind Moscow Flyer, rated the best at 183, and the horse that won an emotional Queen Mother Champion Chase, Azertyuiop.
Media coverage won't stop bug chasers, but it will give right-wingers more ammunition to denigrate gays.
THE DREAM CHASER: A year later, Jessica formed her own band The Dream Chasers.
ROYAL Judgement, one of the best hunter chasers in the past 20 years, has died, aged 29.
NOT a single reference to Panorama, yet Timeform's latest masterpiece, Chasers & Hurdlers 2001/02 review, should still have been renamed.
The chasers must mirror the rabbit's movements as closely as possible.