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It's a great honour of parenthood to gather your baby in your arms and chase away the monsters
Further pages tell children to cuddle up close with the adults who love them and hug them to help chase away the fear and sadness.
But he was forced to let go after a 1,000ft chase away from his business in Bird Street, Lower Gornal, on Monday.
When a cardinal or robin sees its own reflection, the bird may think the reflection is another bird and peck at the window to chase away the "intruder.
And if you're investing in the UK to create jobs here, I think it is unnecessary to create a high degree of uncertainty that might chase away investment and diminish the number of jobs.
People were also seen patrolling the streets holding sticks and batons to chase away monkeys and many locals were considering migrating to other places.
The son was hiding in a tree at their farm to chase away monkeys that used to come searching for food in the maize field," said Arun Poudel, deputy superintendent of police in Arghakhanchi district in southern Nepal, according to AFP.
Earlier in November environmentalists protested against the planned filming of "Expendables 2" in the cave, saying this will disturb and chase away the animals.
First the geese chase away walkers at Acton Park in Wrexham.
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But opponents argue that it will promote racial profiling and chase away workers, thus hurting the state's economy.
Bush to help aid the victims of the earthquake-struck Haiti so as to chase away the latter's ghost out of the White House, Sateh Noureddin, managing editor of the Beirut leftist daily AS SAFIR said Wednesday.
The mood soured when a gang of at least 100 pro-Islamic demonstrators broke away from a main body to chase away a small number of the anti-Mosque marchers.
The leader of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, Bakyt Beshimov, today in Parliament asked Prime Minister Igor Chudinov to chase away his doubts concerning possible repetition of unsuccessful experience of Tajikistan with construction of Rogun hydroelectric station.
One sure-fire way to chase away those winter blues is a cup of something hot, fragrant and spicy.