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a human female employed to do housework

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He told the charwomen, with progressive brightness, that a mad wicked old miser like Scrooge would be really quite impossible now; but as each of the charwomen had an uncle or a grandfather or a father-in-law who was exactly like Scrooge, his cheerfulness was not shared.
The prickly problem of what to do with the witches is solved by putting them to work as charwomen scrubbing at the stains.
The lowest wages of 1s per night were paid to the theatres' charwomen (Covent Garden Theatre Accounts 1767-67 ff.
35) However, one of Duchamp's readymades such as Fountain, the infamous urinal, may lead Heidegger's charwomen to see the other works of art as such for the first time, in fact.
long term and dialectical," its agents "more likely to be charwomen and shopkeepers than pontiffs and professors.
Memo: 1) soap for charwomen 2) check elevator operator work level also window washers 3) raise employee fidelity tax
In the article Fitzgerald comments: 'A system which devotes over 40% of primary school teaching time to teaching a language, but nevertheless leaves up to 95% of less privileged children, such as those who become dockworkers and charwomen, for example, unable to speak it after leaving school, is urgently in need of reform, if we have any real belief in social justice', Garret Fitzgerald, 'The Irish Language Census Results', Irish Times 6 October 1966, p.
Charwomen may be a thing of the past and aspic no longer on the menu, but The Perfect Hostess, is just as relevant today as it ever was.
In the cases of the beggar and the charwomen, the requisite forgetting seems benign: each forgets pain.
Why not the charwomen who emptied the doctors' wastebaskets and cleaned the surgery: is not that a hitherto unacknowledged contribution to medical practice?
These two neighbor ladies of Norman Rockwell from Arlington, Vermont, weren't so sure they wanted to be depicted as charwomen, but the artist talked them into it.
We see advertisements for charwomen at 2s 6d an hour.
But at the concert hall the charwomen said peace was at hand.
In propria persona, Samuel Butler was said to have been the pleasantest of men, 'always considerate of others, in little things as well as in important things, whether those others were charwomen in London or guides in the Italian Alps.