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Synonyms for charwoman

a human female employed to do housework

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I can't help it, Miss Knag,' said the charwoman, bridling up on the shortest notice.
By your leave, Mr Knag,' retorted the charwoman, turning sharp round.
Leah had been saying something I had not caught, and the charwoman remarked -
She is a good hand, I daresay," said the charwoman.
The charwoman was going on; but here Leah turned and perceived me, and she instantly gave her companion a nudge.
The new-comer regarded the doctor with that beaming but breathless geniality which characterizes a corpulent charwoman who has just managed to stuff herself into an omnibus.
She was a selfish, independent old woman, possessed of a considerable income, which she spent upon the upkeep of a house that needed seven servants and a charwoman in Lancaster Gate, and another with a garden and carriage-horses in Surrey.
Larcher having just become charitably concerned about alarming symptoms in her charwoman, when Dr.
The elder son Rasheed who was married just 10 days ago, told journalists that his mother was a respectable woman who worked as charwoman at neighbours' houses to earn bread and butter for her children.
Thomas was a dock labourer who rarely bothered finding work, living off his wife's meagre earnings as a charwoman.
Another quartet deserving mention is made up of four unscrupulous folks who profit from the late Scrooges personal effects: Quinn Rattans shop owner Old Joe, Melanie Vitaternas charwoman, Romanos laundress and Lemrises undertaker.
Charwoman of the parent association, Melina Schini, said authorities should assume their responsibility and protect the rest of the pupils at Limassol's third primary school, who refused to enter class between 7.
This play culminates with a rousing suffrage speech made by a charwoman, Mrs.
Stoney," who was the charwoman employed by my mother to clean the house.
The consumers, not the entrepreneurs, pay ultimately the wages earned by every worker, the glamorous movie star as well as the charwoman.