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a 19th century English reformer who advocated better social and economic conditions for working people

a stock market analyst who tries to predict market trends from graphs of recent prices of securities

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The Chartist movement was overwhelmingly a "moral force" movement, that is, its practitioners were mostly nonviolent, just as the majority of our Occupy Wall Street participants.
The introduction of fixed-term parliaments was part of the coalition agreement, though for rather longer spells than the Chartists wanted.
The second section, comprising three chapters, examines Chartist poetry at three moments of crisis: the aftermath of the Newport uprising of 1839; the Plug Plot general strike of 1842; and during what was both the apogee and the nadir of the movement in 1848.
In truth, it was a tough choice between the proven handicap form of Chartist and the potential of Befortyfour.
The book has the feel of a story to it and is structured in a chronological way which pinpoints the key events in the history of the Chartist movement from the publication of the "People's Charter" to the organizational problems that dogged the movement throughout the 1840s, which the author rightly calls the period a "continuing saga of dissent.
In August 1842, 250 Bedworth miners in support of the Chartists marched to Coventry and a proclamation was given stating that any violence would be forcefully put down by the military.
I recall the brave soldiers who defused a 1,000lb bomb at the Chartist Road/Aston Church Road corner, only to be killed a week later doing the same elsewhere.
Mary Ann Walker briefly attracted the attention of the Times, Punch, and the Chartist press in 1842 when she lectured on behalf of the People's Charter and defended women's political representation.
The five-year-old company also provides subscribers with more than 30 investment newsletters, including Dan Sullivan's The Chartist, Dan Rowe's The Wall Street Digest, Al Frank's The Prudent Speculator, George Putnam's The Turnaround Letter, and David Fried's The Buyback Letter.
But charts to a chartist take on far grander meaning.
He said the archive held interesting maps of Newport in 1839, when around 5,000 workers marched from a wide area of the Gwent Valleys to Newport as part of the Chartist movement for democratic rights.
Inspired by the Newport Chartist Rising, members of the No Nato Newport group are due to head out on Friday from the National Eisteddfod in Llanelli, taking a 19-day route to arrive in Newport on August 29.
TWO years have elapsed since the leader of Merthyr council, Councillor Jeff Edwards, declared "that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure the preservation" of the historic Georgian Grade-II listed building, Vulcan House, the former home of the Chartist leader Matthew John, the last living Merthyr Chartist, who died in Vulcan House in 1888.
Hutton's rediscovery was first recorded in Ian Haywood's The Literature of Struggle: An Anthology of Chartist Fiction, in which Haywood names Hutton the only "woman author of Chartist Fiction.
It was after the third failure - in 1842 - that one of the Chartist leaders, Feargus O'Connor, came up with a new strategy.