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an experimental public school for kindergarten through grade 12

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Louis, part of which the state will then lease back from him for $200,000 per year for use by a charter school.
The Walton Family Foundation has targeted Fresno Unified for charter school growth with grant funding support.
In 2005, the charter school system serving the Santa Clarita area earned an API score of 597.
Given the administration's support for charter schools, critics are suspiciously eyeing the cutback in charter school data.
Last November The Arizona Republic reported that Heritage Academy, a Mesa charter school, was apparently including the religious doctrine of creationism as part of its science curriculum.
14 December 2016 - US-based charter schools capital and facilities financing specialist Charter School Capital's facilities arm, American Education Properties, has acquired five Florida charter school facilities for USD 71.
Charter School Capital facilities arm, American Education Properties (AEP), has invested USD7.
The motivating factor for starting a charter school is the idea for a new way, or innovation, in teaching and curriculum, classroom organization, and methodology of teaching students (Cowen, 2008).
Two studies released by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools confirm that the charter school movement is growing and producing even stronger results.
Advocates for regular public schools claimed diversion of school funding to pay for charter schools is undermining the public school system, and called for a cap on charter school expansion and changes in funding formulas to better protect local school budgets.
That a charter school -- one that was created despite enormous bureaucratic opposition -- bested the district's reigning national champions at Taft High School says more about the LAUSD's educational future than even all the mayor's education-reform stump speeches.
Despite recent test scores that show charter school fourth-graders faring slightly lower than their traditional public school counterparts in reading and math, a few educators and experts agree that it doesn't mean all that much.
This comment is apropos to any discussion of charter school research, especially recent findings from Robert Bifulco and Helen Ladd ("Results from the Tar Heel State," research, Fall 2005).
To support a charter school is to support the public school system.
GAO examined (1) how states allow charter schools flexibility, (2) how states promote accountability for school performance and financial integrity for charter schools, (3) the implications of NCLBA for charter schools, and (4) the role the Department of Education (Education) plays in charter school accountability.
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