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Synonyms for char


Synonyms for char

to undergo or cause to undergo damage by or as if by fire

damage or a damaged substance that results from burning

Synonyms for char

a human female employed to do housework

any of several small trout-like fish of the genus Salvelinus

burn to charcoal


Related Words

burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color

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ANF Peshawar Road Check Team held 2 drug traffickers including Shina Gull and Misri Khan, residents of Kurram Agency near Parco Petrol Pump, opposite Kohat Bus Stand, Peshawar along with recovery of 9 Kg Chars concealed in their luggage.
ANF Karachi Team arrested a local drug supplier identified as Mohammad Faisal in a raid conducted in the area of Nusrat Bhutto Colony, new Karachi and recovered 6 Kg Chars from his personal possession.
The char morphologies of pure PP, PPMAO, and PPMA2 after the UL-94 tests are shown in Fig.
In addition, PA6, as a charring agent, can make the intumescent char layer thicker and more compact.
A metodologia empregada para obter a quantificacao dos materiais carbonosos presentes no po de balao abrange: l) caracterizar quimica e granulometrica as amostras de po de balao, carvoes e coque utilizadas no processo; 2) obter uma amostra de char produzida em simulador da zona de combustao a partir dos carvoes estudados; 3) realizar analise por DRX de todas as amostras e fracoes do po de balao; 4) analisar os difratogramas para o calculo do [L.
Neste trabalho utilizaram-se amostras de carvoes (CA e CB), de char (ChAB), de coque (CQ) e uma amostra de po de balao (PB) recolhido de um AF a coque com PCI.
4) Essa separacao foi empregada para verificar como as particulas carbonosas se distribuem no po e identificar as possiveis fracoes compostas unicamente por char e coque.
Materiais carbonosos, como carvoes, char e coque, podem ser diferenciados a partir das dimensoes de seus cristalitos.
Pyrolysis of maize stalk on the characterization of chars formed under different devolatilization conditions.
Characterization of chars obtained from co-pyrolysis of coal and petroleum residues.
Carbon content of wood varies from about 47 to 53 percent due to varying lignin and extractives content (Ragland and Aerts 1991); almost 30 to 50 percent of the carbon in the wood is converted to solid char during the pyrolysis process.
Fast pyrolysis processes produce 60 to 75 percent by weight liquid bio-oil, 15 to 25 percent by weight solid char, and 10 to 20 percent by weight noncondensable gases (Mohan et al.
Because the initial results far exceeded their expectations, Lima and Marshall wondered whether a simpler and less costly char process that skips activation could still transform poultry litter into an effective carbon material for filtering.
The researchers want to see whether the char can seize other positively charged molecules, like lead and mercury, which are considered priority pollutants.
Lima has created powders, granules, and pellets of the char to suit different filtering tasks.