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Synonyms for charnel

a vault or building where corpses or bones are deposited

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gruesomely indicative of death or the dead

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References in classic literature ?
The gloom which surrounded that horrible charnel pit, which seemed to go down to the very bowels of the earth, conveyed from far down the sights and sounds of the nethermost hell.
In the awful stench of these frightful charnel isles haggard maniacs screamed and gibbered and fought among the torn remnants of their grisly feasts; while on those which contained but clean-picked bones they battled with one another, the weaker furnishing sustenance for the stronger; or with clawlike hands clutched at the bloated bodies that drifted down with the current.
And yet, believing this with absolute conviction, they somehow lacked the nerve to rush the frail wraith of a man with the white skin and escape from the charnel house by the whale-boats.
It will also offer a selection of fragrances, each with its individual character and designed bottles such as l'Art et la Matiere, les Elixirs Charnels, les Deserts d'Orient.
Il convient de savoir que l'œuvre d'Alberto Moravia disseque souvent les rapports amoureux, sexuels ou non, charnels ou spirituels, en fouillant de maniere distanciee la psychologie de ses personnages.