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a vault or building where corpses or bones are deposited


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CHARNEL HOUSE The First World War cost 26 million lives
Who knows what terrifying charnel houses exist on the fringes of Europe, and the quality of the meat therein.
Called the Empire of the Dead, this labyrinthine network of tunnels was first excavated in the Roman period and now houses the remains of over 6 million burials removed from overcrowded cemeteries and charnel houses throughout Paris in the late 18th and 19th centuries for "sanitary reasons.
If we accurately depicted the horrors of Saddam's Iraq in the run-up to the war, with its charnel houses and mass graves, we have to acknowledge that we were less effective, then, in probing beneath the carapace of terror to uncover other facets of Iraq's culture and history that would have a determining impact on the American project to build a Western-style democracy, or at least the basics of a civil society.
He saw that once the entrails-strewn charnel houses were leveled and the putrid air cleansed, there would be no limit to what the land could eventually fetch.
175, for example, where "beinhusern' becomes bone houses rather that charnel houses and Cardinal Borromeo becomes an almost anonymous Carlo Borromea.
EB IB exhibited burials in both shaft tombs and in the earliest charnel houses constructed of mudbrick.