charnel house

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a vault or building where corpses or bones are deposited


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He admits that few theatregoers would know that they were passing over bones from the charnel house, for instance.
But the Blitz segments vibrate with life, as vivid and horrifying as a series of glimpses into a charnel house.
Unknown to the villains, inside the debris of the charnel house is Gerard Butler, a disgraced former presidential guard who is pretty handy with his fists, a gun and just about any weapon that comes to hand.
Their emphasis here is not just on the fruit of the dark-seething sea but also on the physical labor and endurance required to maintain a seagoing charnel house.
By the end of that month, Fort Devens was a charnel house filled with the dead and dying.
Couldn't help thinking Tony Blair might usefully divert some of the millions he's raked in since he and his big pal George turned Iraq into a charnel house into making these innocent children's lives that wee bit easier.
Within roughly 10,000 years of their contact with Homo sapiens, the Neanderthals as a species had fallen into the ever-amassing charnel house of history.
CARDIFF: The Moon Club (029 2037 3022), Legend, The Elijah, Demoraliser, Fall Against Fate, Wolfpack, Break A Sweat, Charnel House.
She was tucked into a narrow room at the Broad Street Charnel House, living out her last days.
As she prepared to wrap "Stoker" late last month, DePrez was eager to get back to the converted 1790s Dutch barn in upstate New York she shares with her husband Joe Stefko, a drummer who's worked with John Cale, Meatloaf and the Turtles, and who runs the limited-edition publishing company, Charnel House.
The crucial battle for Avranches is given excellent coverage, as is the charnel house of the Falaise Pocket, with its confusing orders, clashing egos, and escaping German troops.
American forces destroyed the country's system of ordered tyranny, turning the country into a bloody charnel house, killing hundreds of thousands and forcing millions to flee.
A visitor looks at The Charnel House as part of Picasso: Peace And Freedom at Tate Liverpool
Colonial policies such as free trade, levies for war and land settlements were the principal causes of the famines that reduced the richest province of the Mughal Empire, Bengal, into a charnel house.