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Synonyms for charnel

a vault or building where corpses or bones are deposited

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gruesomely indicative of death or the dead

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Or maybe we'll start visiting the charnel ground of today's society, the prisons: first, to witness their cruelties, and then to do what we can to help them downsize to fewer, smaller institutions of healing and safety.
The service is extended to all private or common ground tombs, columbaria, charnel houses, family chapels, all included in later in the term utilities.
It became a charnel house where dying and dead bodies by the hundreds were stacked up like cordwood along the corridors, in storage closets, wherever.
Prosecutors said Gosnell's legitimate-sounding Women's Medical Society was in fact a "baby charnel house", in which fetal remains were left scattered around in freezers, bags and jars.
Moment-to-moment the writing is characteristically wonderful and weirdly entertaining, making language in the high and low registers ring true and sound new at the same time--and though, as Joseph remarks, 'it is not easy to find a funny bone in a charnel house,' Gass manages to get plenty of yuks out of this dead serious material.
Unknown to the villains, inside the debris of the charnel house is Gerard Butler, a disgraced former presidential guard who is pretty handy with his fists, a gun and just about any weapon that comes to hand.
The images cement why it was important that some of these purchases were so hard fought for; why certain pieces had to be relinquished in favor of others, like a Cezanne "L'Estaque" sold in order to purchase one of Picasso's powerful grisailles, "The Charnel House" (1944-45); and why Rubin had to be prepared to take up arguments, hold people to their promises, and even in one instance help pay off art thieves.
It runs the risk of becoming obsolete," wrote famous commentator, Patrice de Beer, whose career has brought him from charnel house of the Khmer Rouge's "Democratic" Kampuchea, to London, Paris, and Washington.
The empire of death; a cultural history of ossuaries and charnel houses.
As she prepared to wrap "Stoker" late last month, DePrez was eager to get back to the converted 1790s Dutch barn in upstate New York she shares with her husband Joe Stefko, a drummer who's worked with John Cale, Meatloaf and the Turtles, and who runs the limited-edition publishing company, Charnel House.
The crucial battle for Avranches is given excellent coverage, as is the charnel house of the Falaise Pocket, with its confusing orders, clashing egos, and escaping German troops.
American forces destroyed the country's system of ordered tyranny, turning the country into a bloody charnel house, killing hundreds of thousands and forcing millions to flee.
When she visits the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris, the charnel house where thousands of corpses lie, she crosses over into the bloody world of those dark days.
A visitor looks at The Charnel House as part of Picasso: Peace And Freedom at Tate Liverpool
Colonial policies such as free trade, levies for war and land settlements were the principal causes of the famines that reduced the richest province of the Mughal Empire, Bengal, into a charnel house.