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Synonyms for charm

Synonyms for charm

a small object worn or kept for its supposed magical power

an object or power that one uses to cause often evil events

to please greatly or irresistibly

to act upon with or as if with magic

Synonyms for charm

attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates

something believed to bring good luck

(physics) one of the six flavors of quark

control by magic spells, as by practicing witchcraft

protect through supernatural powers or charms

Related Words

induce into action by using one's charm

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Gourley and Sola, in particular, are wooden and charmless.
The Royal Ballet School has two divisions: the lower school, White Lodge, located in Richmond Park; and the upper school, currently in a rather charmless but serviceable building on Talgarth Road in West London.
Despite Bouajila's charmless performance, the film ebbs and flows according to its hero's encounters.
Once upon a time, there lived a Prince Charmless who did nothing much except play golf and travel to many foreign lands where he was right royally entertained by some very rich, and some very strange, people.
Would-be employers bewail large sections of young people turning up for interview are tongue-tied, lacking in social graces, charmless.
After Joe's duet with mad Mexican Rolando Villaz n, charmless judge Vanessa Mae inquired: "How do you compete with Mr Elastoface?
I fine young to on Lord Ionly wish I Litherland loved local landmark and to see it replaced by a charmless steel box that looks like a B& Q superstore.
The instigator of the raunchy stuff is charmless Bluey (Tom Burke), who has an apocryphal story about a sex act called a donkey punch, which involves hitting your partner in the back of their neck at a crucial moment.
The script nearly drowns in its own sickly sentiment and Murphy is utterly charmless.
The vengeful killer portrayed here, a cold and charmless spectre with pools of black for eyes, is Hannibal Lecter in name alone: it seems laughable that the character will grow up to be the erudite man portrayed by Anthony Hopkins to such chilling effect.
WELL, what a surprise: you put gormless, graceless and charmless people in an artificially stressful situation to antagonise each other and soon unattractive behaviour emerges on Channel 4's Big Brother.
HERE we see a hobbit trying to win back his human credentials Elijah Wood, fresh from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, becomes a football hooligan in this charmless film.
If the show seems a touch charmless, blame the Who, not the company or technical crew here who do a thoroughly professional job.
As for Sian saying Jim is charmless, has she ever met him?
This revolting comic book for students--revolting in its tortuous graphic and typographical design, revolting in its charmless foreigners' English, revolting in its gratuitous pornographic imagery, and revolting in much else besides must surely mark a low point in Rem Koolhaas's relentless campaign of self-promotion.