charm campaign

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a campaign of flattery and friendliness (by a company, politician, etc

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The White House launched its new charm campaign for Israel on April 13 by meetings with three groups of American Jewish leaders.
The Alabama Department of Public Health and Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition's Third Time's the Charm campaign reminds parents, pediatricians, family practice physicians and college students of the importance of completing the three-dose HPV vaccination.
We hope we can fight together with the people to fulfill the people s demands," he told reporters as he visited a local neighbourhood, part of a charm campaign designed to address simmering public discontent.
Regarding tourism, the minister said hotel services need to be improved as part of the plan for strengthening the tourism sector, including particularly a charm campaign which will be launched soon in Algeria to seduce Algerian tourists.
He went on saying to TAP news agency that the Ministry of Trade and Tourism was endeavouring to contact the European Foreign Ministries for the general lifting of restrictions to extend to Southern and inland provinces, not to mention the large charm campaign launched on the internet entitled A1/2I Love Tunisiae.
Ms Smith (Lab, Redditch) revealed last year that she was considering extending the detention period to 42 days and has led a charm campaign to win round Labour backbenchers, including holding a series of one-on-one meetings with sceptics.