charley horse

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a muscular cramp (especially in the thigh or calf) following vigorous exercise

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No one really knows why a leg cramp is called a charley horse.
Injury update: Kip Brennan remained in Los Angeles to get treatment for a charley horse in his leg.
It's like somebody punched me real hard or I have a bad charley horse,'' Molano said, recovering from the shock.
Hayes suffered a charley horse as a result and had to helped off the ice in obvious pain.
My wound) felt like a charley horse - a blow to your arm.
Matt Tennyson has been recalled to San Jose and Rob Davison, who missed the last two games with a charley horse, returned to action and took Tennyson's spot in the defensive rotation.
Stumpel, who has missed 13 games with assorted injuries, stayed down for several minutes but returned for the last two periods despite a charley horse to his left knee.
He said after the game the knee hurt, but it might be more of a charley horse than anything, and he hopes to be able to play this afternoon in Providence.
Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff described the injury as a charley horse and said Sekera would miss "a little bit of time.