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a small domestic spinning machine with a single spindle that is driven by hand or foot

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The spiritual power of Charkha and its use to serve the poor masses of India has been categorically explained by Gandhiji himself many times: " The message of the spinning-wheel is much wider than its circumference.
Some of the students, Jaswant, Jagbir, Tara Singh, Vivek, Tavleen, Harman etc who presents Shabad, Tabla, Charkha, Folk song, Qwali, Dhol and Thumri mesmerized the audience The audience applause helped the entire participants to give their best to make this evening a special one.
Even uptil 2008, the very frail Satyawati would spin the charkha for three hours a day, propped up on her bed.
The charkha (or "spinning wheel"), although materially a hand-cranked spinning device used to make thread and yarn, represents a rich metaphor of Gandhian communicative wisdom: a non-verbal symbol of village labor, human dignity, self-reliance, self-discipline, social cohesion and mobilization, as also standing for actionable participation, protest, and progress.
Called a charkha in India, it is a hand-driven form of the machine used for centuries to spin fiber into thread.
Today, the charkha (spinning wheel) is a symbol of self-reliance, of faith in your own country.
Netanyahu and his wife also tried their hands at the charkha and took a round in the Ashram along with Prime Minister Modi.
Tenders are invited for Cement Concrete on Damaged Road Charkha Gali Road near Prem Kumari Hospital in Ward No.
Modi to pose with Charkha, an iconic item closely related to the Father of Nation and the freedom struggle.
New Delhi: The charkha (spinning wheel) is undergoing a churning process.
In the next phase of implementation, the ministry would extend the solar charkha scheme to all the villages in India that are covered under the 'Adrash Gram Yojna'.
One such seminal cultural moment was the creation of the All India Handloom Board in 1952 which strove to take the handmade as epitomized by the symbolic charkha of Gandhi several notches higher in a now Free India.
Limited Tenders are invited for Manufacturing And Supply Of This Institute Tasar Reeling Charkha Under Krdp Scheme Of Khadi And Village Industires Commission
The opposition disagreed and said that t he image of Gandhi in a loincloth, sitting cross-legged at a charkha or spinning wheel, is one of India's most iconic and has long been used to promote khadi.
Turn left and there is a wooden charkha, complete with yarn.