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a noisy mock serenade (made by banging pans and kettles) to a newly married couple

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Two early accounts from North America detail the anti-wedding charivari, one from the French (10) and one from the English/American tradition.
In general, then, the demoiselles engaged in "gigantic charivari against the arranged but mismatched marriage of 'outsider' forest guards and the forest" (p.
Similarly in Quebec, a less calamitous form of collective gathering -- charivaris -- served to enforce moral values when individuals exhibited aberrant behaviour or ran afoul of a community's social mores.
This particular dimension to the demonstrations links them, if only loosely, to charivaris in which transgressors were placed on a cart or were paraded backwards on a horse or ass; [74] in one incident, an informer was actually "set upon an Ass .
This was the tradition of carnival - charivaris, mumming, callithumpian bands - whose raucous carryings-on symbolically challenged the social order.
Eschewing much of new album, A Hundred Days Off, the pair crashed into Mmm, Skyscraper I Love You, a crowd-pleasing charivari of driving techno beats fronted by the most energetic 40-year-old in the dance music business.
Tonight there will be a programme of music from the 17th Century German baroque by the Charivari Agreable Simfonie featuring tenor Mark Milhofer.
John Bartlett is a sought-after men's wear designer who introduced his first collection in 1992 and instantly had orders from Barney's New York, Bergdorf Goodman and Charivari.
Charivari Agreable conductor Janet Lince is sceptical about the established wisdom that this extraordinarily imaginative setting of the Vespers was performed on one of the main Marian Feasts - probably the Assumption of Our Lady.
More importantly, it is at the basis of the popular celebrations and disturbances, such as the charivari documented by Natalie Davis and Chrisriane Klapisch-Zuber, designed to disturb households where procreation had not taken place or was unlikely to occur.
After the war, Hawkes returned to Harvard and began to write prose, specifically a novella entitled Charivari (1949), which parodied his concerns with his upcoming marriage and his relationship with his soon-to-be in-laws.
Other studies range from Michel Huglo's brief history of the charivari and Joseph C.
The Earl's mockery of her desire for Edmond through the cruel statue game is a kind of private charivari intended to humiliate her into modesty and subservience.
Charivari, the 1980's champion of the new and off-beat, for example, has closed all but one of its stores.
See the treatments of the famous humiliation right Called the "charivari" in Henri Rey-Flaud, Le Charivari: les Rituels Fondamentaux de la Sexualite (1985); and Le Charivari (Jacques Le Goff & Jean-Claude Schmitt eds.