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generosity as manifested by practicing charity (as for the poor or unfortunate)

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Men also found charitableness to be an attractive quality, with 68% of men saying it was important.
Such values as kindness, friendship, loyalty, charitableness and courage will often be mentioned.
But while Goya, Quintana, and Rousseau present a female charitableness that is sentimental, familiar, and private, Spanish playwright Maria Rosa Galvez exalted a more powerful and public feminine virtue through the political and sentimental friendship between white and black women in her 1804 play, Zinda.
Because while Coope accepts Peter Geach's claim that such charitableness can only make sense in a theological perspective, Osborne adopts 'the perspective of heaven' as her yardstick and can thus claim objectivity for her recommendations, with or without God.
It is this false charitableness that makes him an alien in his own community.
The exegete Ibn Kathir further remarked that, according to Qur'an 41:34, it is precisely the act of charitableness and kindness (al-ihsan) evident in repelling evil with good (that is, by forsaking retaliation for some injury) that causes "your adversary to seek reconciliation with you, to develop affection and sympathy for you," so much so that he or she now becomes transformed into "your intimate friend or your relative on account of [his or her] compassion for and charity toward you.
Each day I see the charitableness of the people of New Hampshire, not only in terms Of money, but more importantly, in giving of themselves.
She claims that some "strange charitableness," some "perverse" and "devilish generosity," impels her to share her body with others rather than keep its treasures to herself, driving her to "teach" men what she knows (89, 95), and while she "delights" in her escapades as they occur, afterwards she is left with a "deplorable" feeling of guilt (160).
Also found in those chapters is an emphasis on witness, patience, fidelity, truthfulness, love for enemies, charitableness, prayerfulness, simplicity, and trust in God's goodness.
Last night, a spokeswoman for the Miss Commonwealth organising committee said: "Extending the reign of queens who influence community charitableness is the least we can do.
There's nothing that so effectively ruins conversation as charitableness.
In general, Indian charitable engagement would form an expression of the aspiration to enhance Indian socio-political influence in Bombay and western India and fulfil British requisites for leadership, including good governance, loyalty, and charitableness, as much as fulfil pious ambitions.
The most praiseworthy elements of the tribal traditions--hospitality, charitableness, social justice--were gifts of God that reach back through their ancestors, Abraham and Ishmael, all the way back to Adam.
Responsible citizenship requires fair taxes plus charitableness.
50) Nevertheless, the benefits flowing to a trust accrue so long as the trust meets the basic threshold of charitable purposes, irrespective of the extent of charitableness.