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the driver of a chariot

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a conspicuous constellation in the northern hemisphere


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There is evidence that even in Roman times, chariot races ran counterclockwise, and that charioteers and fighters would want to keep their dominant sword hand to the outside as they turned, in case they needed to draw their sword-this rarely happens in bike races, however!
For instance, when Attila the Hun invaded and conquered the Roman Empire in 406 BC, he set free the vanquished soldiers and charioteers who were wounded, sick, and exhausted.
Topics addressed include the social status of both gladiators and charioteers, including the special horror on the part of the elite reserved for female performers, as well as the training, diet, and mortality rate of arena combatants.
Typically translated "accompanied by immortal charioteers," with "charioteers" taken as a reference to the Daughters of the Sun (who in line 21 "held the chariot and the horses straight down the highway"), the phrase here is rendered "member of the immortal charioteers" and treated as a proclamation of the youth's own immortality.
Yet even this more cultured Stoke side - with Shawcross one of the last survivors from Pulis' sweet charioteers - are capable of tearing into the Arsenal.
Another strength is Toner's astute perception of the popular appeal of the performers--the gladiators and the charioteers in particular--especially for the average Roman.
Main features: this consultation concerns the replacement of the wash tunnel located on the Buss deposit located charioteers ZI des Saintes) (17,100.
Roman charioteers doctored the feed of their horses and gladiators took stimulants such as strychnine.
Opened in 1927, its sidewalls were decorated with spears and shields, with torches on poles and murals of Roman charioteers.
Now the horses and charioteers of the gods are all good and of good descent, but those of other races are mixed; and first the charioteer of the human soul drives a pair, and secondly one of the horses is noble and of noble breed, but the other quite the opposite in breed and character.
In Socrates' second speech on Eros he likens the human soul to a chariot drawn by two horses--a "good" white horse, and a "bad" black horse which are at cross purposes (unlike the horses and charioteers of the gods).
These included a 3,300-year-old gold ring, a bronze statuette of a victorious athlete, a 2,400-year-old oil jar, clay lamps, bronze tripods and miniature chariot wheels, as well as dozens of idols of charioteers, horses and bulls.
In addition, the Hebrews broke into song when they escaped the Pharaoh's charioteers, were taught a song of repentance in the desert, and brought the house down in Jericho with their songs.
Others, just as spectacular, are lost: The Circus Maximus, now buried under modern Rome, had seats for 250,000 spectators, who crowded in to watch charioteers careen around a mile-long course, of greater length than some NASCAR tracks.
One or all of these terms constitute appropriate translations of the biblical word ramah which was the image chosen for describing the fate of the pharaoh's troops at the Sea of Reeds passage point Pi-Hahirot/Pi-Hiroti, moments before his drowning along with his charioteers while in pursuit of the fugitive Exodus community.