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Synonyms for chary

Synonyms for chary

trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for chary

characterized by great caution and wariness


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Private charily at home and abroad should make them more available to those who are most in need, and Washington should include a drug benefit as part of overall Medicare reform.
The Fifth Circuit has consistently held that the proximity to the border is a "vital element" or a "paramount factor," the absence of which requires the Fifth Circuit to charily examine the remaining Brignoni-Ponce factors.
Transfer method CLAT Will Gift Who benefits: Family $758,179 $626,235 $897,828 Charily $424,580 $0 $0 IRS (transfer tax) $241,822 $765,399 $354,839
Giving to charily, says McCoy, should be about just that.
When debtors simply cannot pay, Balerud explains that some creditors may write off debts to charily -- for example, medical bills in cases of catastrophic illness.
Based on these comparisons and considering the northeastern geographical area in which it had been recovered, the specimen is charily assigned to this species.
Nearly a decade later, this same court, in resolving the plight of Claire Conroy,' charily eschewed this role for ethics committees in the nursing home.
In 1950, Mother Teresa received permission from Pope Paul VI to establish the new congregation of the Missionaries of Charily in Calcutta.
Paul's big sister, Jean, organised a fundraising campaign to keep her parents' promise to their son and thus set the foundations for the charily that has become the UK's leading campaigner dedicated to curing young sufferers.
The box is expected lo make a stage appearance during the interval at it charily show of "Belle or New York" by the Midland Operatic Society at the Birmingham Hippodrome.
Walkers (front) Tricia Jones (left) and Jacqui Geraghty and (back) Cora Taylor and Laura Meneaud who hope to have raised pounds 25,000 for a breast cancer charily.
Carter said: "My major responsibilities will be running the charily and fundraising for the 1,350 beneficiaries it supports annually.
Instead of raising money fur charily, they invited superstars to dance without pay at the September 4 event at the Salle Wilfred-Pelletier to benefit the gala itself.
And if you name a charily as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, your estate will get a deduction for that charitable contribution equal to the size of the insurance payout, again making the trust's tax benefits a moot point.