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Synonyms for charger

formerly a strong swift horse ridden into battle


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a device for charging or recharging batteries

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He leaped from his charger, placed his back against the shaft of the carriage, making a rampart of his horse, drew his pistols from their holsters and fastened them to his belt, and began to fight with the back sword, like a man accustomed to the handling of his weapon.
During the execution of this sonorous doggerel, Richard kept time with his whip on the mane of his charger, accompanying the gestures with a corresponding movement of his head and body.
In looking whether the bit suited his mouth, I saw that he was rising seven, the very age when the training of a horse intended for a charger should commence.
At least he did not ride to me begging for a new charger, and the Gods know how many rupees.
He was just tall enough, or short enough, for his head alone to stick out of the hole in the broken wood, looking like St John the Baptist's head on a charger.
Then, Sir Agravaine,' said the king, 'perhaps you had better have your charger sent round at once.
In the end I dropped my eyes, and there was his living face in the middle of the lid of the chest, like that of the saint upon its charger.
For a moment they drew rein and eyed each other in silence, and then one, a great black mailed knight upon a black charger, cried out something to the other which the boy could not catch.
A CHARGER, feeling the infirmities of age, was sent to work in a mill instead of going out to battle.
the Baptist on a charger shows that pagan myths have somewhat
Straight upright sat the rider, in military fashion, with a firm seat in the saddle, a strong clutch upon the rein to hold his charger from too impetuous a plunge.
The wag of the ministry, Bixiou, sent round a paper, headed by a caricature of his victim on a pasteboard horse, asking for subscriptions to buy him a live charger.
First came Black Simon with his banner, bestriding a lean and powerful dapple-gray charger, as hard and wiry and warwise as himself.
The terrible beast lay dead "reft of her baleful head," and the Knight, mounting upon his charger, once more rode onwards with his Lady.
He's cock of the school, and head of the School-house side, and the best kick and charger in Rugby.