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formerly a strong swift horse ridden into battle


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a device for charging or recharging batteries

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So silent and still were they, that they might have been metal-sheathed statues, were it not for the occasional quick, impatient stamp of their chargers, or the rattle of chamfron against neck-plates as they tossed and strained.
The lance of the black knight smote full upon the linden shield of his foeman, the staggering weight of the mighty black charger hurtled upon the gray who went down with his rider into the dust of the highway.
To solve the problem, his wife bought him a new "blue" iPhone charger for PS7.
The new power transmission module has capacity to fill 50 percent of an empty battery within 30 minutes, that's three times faster than existing 5-watt wireless chargers, claims the company, adding that the new charger will be mass-produced starting from this year.
The AbsolutePower charger comes in black with a scratch-resistant finish.
When the fire was put out by firefighters they found the source was from an electric cigarette plugged into a phone charger on the chest of drawers.
Both USB ports on the solar charger have a unique auto-detection feature; it intelligently detects the type of product being charged, (iOS or Android).
Serena Johnson was left shocked but unhurt when an imitation iPhone charger exploded and hit the back of her head.
Tokyo, Dec 11, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today released a versatile new charger controller that is compatible with a variety of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV).
O2 expected 70% of customers who bought the charger-free One X+ to not purchase a separate charger.
The consumer, who brought the charger for his iPod, found it started to smoke as soon as he plugged it in.
The new eight-speed transmission takes the Dodge Charger, which was already at the head of its class, and puts it in a league of its own - our Charger customers don't have to compromise as they can get the fuel efficiency of a mid-size car in a full-size sedan with the distinctive styling that is only available from Dodge," said Godwin D'Cruz, sales & marketing manager - Automotive Division, Ahmed Zayani & Sons.
The charger is nearly half the size of an older Nissan charger now on sale and would be installed more easily, while retaining the high performance of the older one.
Two EU standards bodies have delivered standards for a universal micro USB phone charger, which will let Europeans use one charger for multiple phones, an idea, which came through as a Bulgarian patent.
US telecom holding company AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) and wireless accessories manufacturer Superior Communications unveiled on Wednesday the AT&T ZERO Charger.