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liable to be accused, or cause for such liability


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The reader will ere long have reason to suspect that the Typees are not free from the guilt of cannibalism; and he will then, perhaps, charge me with admiring a people against whom so odious a crime is chargeable.
Based on the current growth rate, a number of forecasts predict that,by 2020, some four percent of cars will be chargeable.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 18 (ANI): The 12 percent taxation chargeable on sanitary napkins has faced a backlash from citizens, as they feel a key sanitary need should not be included in such a high tax bracket.
87 pounds sterling plus any tax that may be chargeable to them, in respect of costs and expenses.
A chargeable battery-powered hand warmer exploded in a child's hand, JTBC reported Monday.
The ministerial resolution features 23 services that shall be chargeable at AED 100-AED 50,000.
The Spokesman said that under Finance Act, 2016, Sales Tax on Sugar - Sugar was exempt from sales tax whereas it was chargeable to FED @ 8%.
Currently, FBR is charging 3% on industrial raw material, the locally made finished textile items are being charged at the rate of 5% and imported textile articles are chargeable to sales tax at the rate of 17%.
Chargeable lifetime transfers are charged at half the rate on death, with further tax due on death within seven years.
1 percent of global chargeable liabilities will be largely offset by the introduction next year of a new 8 percent surcharge on bank profits.
Service staff chargeable time can be measured by having them fill in timesheets or use an app to report on time spent on jobs.
Mr Hamilton said: "Differences have built up in the level of district rates chargeable by the old councils and those chargeable under the new larger councils.
Lisa Trickett, cabinet member responsible for bins, said: "We've now completed the first year of our chargeable service, attracting more than 50,000 subscribers in the process.
according to sources, whether the service will be free or chargeable has not been decided yet.
Chargeable Weight Yield(USD) Global Top 20 Forwarders 4.