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This Asian green tastes similar to Swiss chard, but its leaves are thicker and less wrinkled.
Italians are fond of spinach or chard pie; the French use chard in a seasonal vegetable soup.
RUINED The memorial tree to Robin Chard BEWILDERED Robin Chard's widow Angie ; inset, her beloved Robin, who was killed by Christopher Smith and Joseph Mee
People are frightened to use the path where Mr Chard was killed, especially women and the elderly.
He cherished nature but above all he cherished Angie and his children," said Mr Chard.
Mrs Chard, 47, a club singer, opened her heart to the Chronicle on Tuesday to talk about her husband and soulmate.
Rich for a Chard sans oak, but there's good minerality on the nose, bright lemon, and lots of pineapple.
Kawartha Branch was very pleased to have John Chard UE at their April 29, 2001 meeting.
This investiture was undoubtedly long overdue but nevertheless, John has been in the minds and prayers of the founding branch members for some time and we are indeed very proud of our Honorary Patron, John Chard.