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a delicatessen that specializes in meats

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Eco-friendly purchase of foodstuffs - sausage, charcuterie and ptissire - intended to promote citizen consumption in school restaurants, accompanied by punctual educational actions.
That led to the setting up of Cwm Farm Charcuterie - and a trip to Denmark to learn more about making salami and cured meats.
The Flora Butcher just may be the leader in all things charcuterie in this state.
Today, charcuterie is a delicatessen-style cured meat most often served with cheese, bread and pickled vegetables.
These new additions to our line of air-cured sausage each offer their own distinctive flavor experience, expanding beyond traditional pork saucisson, and perfectly compliment any charcuterie board, cheese plate or picnic spread.
At THE TABLE CREEKSIDE, a variety of charcuterie boards are a Happy Hour feature in the bar.
I want to see if people will be interested in a charcuterie deli but I also want to use our space to host interesting, popup events like this going forward.
And cured meats and charcuterie, like bacon and sausage, are often high in sodium and saturated fats.
Present with several sub-brands, the Fleury Michon umbrella brand has its core-business in charcuterie (delicatessen cold cuts), categorised under chilled processed meat, and it also holds a strong position in chilled processed seafood.
Gourmet meats and charcuterie are just what the consumer ordered
beaucoup moins que]Ce dont il est question c'est l'hygiene de la marchandise, notamment en ce qui concerne la charcuterie puisque c'est une notion ou on camouffle plusieurs choses, plusieurs substances et composantes, surtout les viandes separees mecaniquement[beaucoup plus grand que], explique-t-il.
It places charcuterie in context of Spanish cuisine and culinary history as a whole, discussing Spanish pork butchery, butchering traditions, and how meats are cured in the country.
Got Beef Bar and Kitchen in Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, will serve everything from gourmet burgers to charcuterie boards to craft ales.
CHARCUTERIE: THE CRAFT OF SALTING, SMOKING, AND CURING provides a fine in-depth update of the original 2005 publication of CHARCUTERIE which promoted home curing.
The event includes estate garden and charcuterie kitchen tours, appetizers with a local cheesemaker and fisherman and a talk with King Estate head chef Ben Nadolny.