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Synonyms for charcoal-gray

of a very dark grey

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Their long white dresses were accented with charcoal-gray satin sashes, and they wore halos made of white Dendrobium orchids.
He wears a Hart, Schaffner & Marx tropial wool, charcoal-gray pinstripe suit and striped Italian tie from Taffy's.
Dormeuse, 1998, a chaise longue fabricated in charcoal-gray oiled steel, was the room's centerpiece.
The interior is trimmed in blue leather and accented by charcoal-gray carbon fiber that covers the inside of the roof structure, center console and rearview mirror.
You can see the new recruits sitting in their charcoal-gray suits watching the tweedy professor, the smoke from his pipe curling to the ceiling, as he instructs them in his error, punctuating his remarks with his mirthless chuckle.