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Pierce wears a chunky charcoal grey turtleneck sweater tailor-made for 007 (pounds 485), while Rosamund has a frost grey boucle cashmere polo (pounds 205) from the autumn/winter collection (both pictured above).
Mr Kennedy, the 42-year-old MP for Ross, Skye & Inverness, shunned a traditional kilt in favour of a charcoal grey suit and red and gold tie but wore a buttonhole of English rose and Scottish thistle.
The MP for Ross, Skye and Inverness shunned the traditional Scots kilt in favour of a charcoal grey suit and red and gold tie.
The new Portable Kit and Cradle Kit are now in a contrasting charcoal grey color.
Harris, 29, also chose a causal outfit of a long sleeved black jumper and charcoal grey trousers.
LUXURIATE in the snuggly softness of this charcoal grey long faux fur belted coat, PS98, right, Topshop.
Think dark colours - peacock blue, charcoal grey, mulberry and purple - and ornate patterns.
Their silky, multi-coloured fleeces, which range from charcoal grey to off-white, are in great demand with spinners and weavers.
Tan leather pumps, pounds 40, Aldo; Charcoal grey wool and linen mix crop trouser, pounds 40, Oasis.
The Mazda RX-8 with Sport Pack can be ordered in any of the six regular exterior colours, while the graphics are available in a choice of silver, charcoal grey or white.
Her charcoal grey outfit is in this autumn's hot colour and the stylish shoe-boots are the very latest in funky footwear.
A new, charcoal grey Volvo V40 was seen in the vicinity at the time of the theft.
Key features include a so-called windstop for enhanced hood-down pleasure, embroidered Alcantara sports seats, and a new charcoal grey hood fabric.
Outside and inside, the pale neutrally coloured natural materials of the travertine walls and white oak floors predominate, enlivened by the contrast with the white steel roof structure and sun-shading panels, which are clearly visible through the super-white glass roof, and the charcoal grey frames of the fully glazed walls.
THE MAKEOVER: First we evened out Shannon's skin tone with a light base, then used a red brown shadow on her lids and charcoal grey under her eyes.