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a worker whose job is to make charcoal

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a stove that burns charcoal as fuel

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In the later Middle Ages, the charcoal burners operated to the west of the Warwickshire town on the heathland which stretched into Staffordshire, but people had been coming through Suttton for thousands of years before that.
Speaking to Khaleej Times, Yahya Al Reyaysa, Director-General of Ajman Municipality told the municipality has banned using of stove and all kinds of charcoal burners in the tents to avoid fire accidents.
B&Q offer traditional charcoal burners, gas-powered for instant cooking and even one with built-in speakers.
The discussion of domestic life cleverly begins by considering the conditions of homelessness, whether from destitution, such as beggars, or from livelihood, such as charcoal burners.
Fukumoto said three charcoal burners were still smoking in the car when the bodies were found, and the windows had been sealed with tape.
Publishing his essay in 1983, Johnston anticipated Levinson's identification of Wordsworth's "vagrant dwellers" with indigent charcoal burners and likewise suggested that "these unattractive associations--industrial smoke and social outcasts--might very well account for Wordsworth's insistently placing his poem 'a few miles above Tintern Abbey'" rather than at the site of the Abbey itself.
The woods nearby were waterlogged still, the old cart tracks impassible, Where the charcoal burners gathered the cordwood, and once Long ago the green glades rang with the noise of forges.
This is a probing study of the demoiselles of the northern slopes of the Ariege mountains, male peasants described in official reports as "armed and disguised as women," who for three years from 1829 intimidated forest guards, charcoal burners, and the innkeepers who gave them lodging.
Nat's story to me was the charcoal burners but I think he was feeding me s***, like he did so much other stuff.
The government made the remark following disturbing reports that a good number of officials, especially at county and state levels, operate with impunity, with some benefitting financially from the permits they issue to charcoal burners or timber dealers to establish settlements inside reserved forests.
An ancient Lake District woodland is enjoying a renaissance as charcoal burners and craftsman return to the 95-acre site.
For seven days' full board within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, visitors pay just pounds 35 to learn woodland management and work alongside craftsmen, such as charcoal burners and thatchers, to re-use material gathered by coppicing an area of hazel woodland.
The family were charcoal burners who lived in Shining Cliff Woods, Ambergate, Derbyshire in the 1700s.
Barr Beacon Barr Beacon was part of the Royal Forest of Cannock until the 13th century, when charcoal burners became active in the area, clearing many of the trees to use as fuel in early iron forges - and the Black Country was born.
The technique being used by the scientists - heating wood without oxygen - is not far removed from that used by the charcoal burners, who cut down much of the vast forests which once covered the Midlands.