charcoal burner

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a worker whose job is to make charcoal

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a stove that burns charcoal as fuel

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The buna setup is typical: deep green grass laid on the floor, a white stool supporting the traditional cups and sugar pot, and to the side, a charcoal burner (medijah) with the djebena pot and, before that, the skillet filled with green coffee.
The charcoal burner took his axe and went to fetch more logs.
She appeared in The King and the Charcoal Burner, Vanda and St.
While critics lauded "Tom Brightwind or How the Fairy Bridge Was Built at Thoresby," "John Uskglass and the Cumbrian Charcoal Burner," and "Mrs.
This information confirms the surmise regarding "the considerable difference between a charcoal burner and a beggar," made by David Chandler, "Vagrancy Smoked Out: Wordsworth 'betwixt Severn and Wye,'" Romanticism On the Net 11 (August 1998): http://users.
A Thai manufacturing company is being inundated with orders for its new, cheap and easy-to-use charcoal burner that also utilises 20% less charcoal for twice as much heat.
The refusal of Tasio, an aging charcoal burner, to go and live in the regional capital is as much an assertion of love for his wife, who died in childbirth and is buried nearby, as any manifesto of ecological propriety.
The romance, which Burgess places as early as 1223, focuses mainly on Eustace's life as an outlaw, and draws overtly on the fabliau tradition: Eustace's tricks include disguising himself as a charcoal burner, a potter, and a woman, and much is made of his inventiveness and magical knowledge as well as his physical power and cruelty.
Their Nutcracker is a story of ordinary villagers touched by magic--two orphans anticipating their first real celebration of Christmas; a housemaid and a charcoal burner, transmuted by love into the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince.
THE charcoal burner left the hut and appeared a few minutes later carrying some live coals on his shovel.
Born to a poor family, Andersson was a woodsman and charcoal burner before he became a temperance lecturer.
The charcoal burner was aware of the woman even before he saw her: a cracking twig, the swish of her legs against ferns.
In fact, there is even a special celebration of the craft, if you are that interested -- yesterday, August 11, was the Feast of St Alexander, the charcoal burner.
A charcoal burner in Gateshead, a willow weaving demonstrator in Northumberland and a pounds 5m drinks business in Teesside have one thing in common - they all make their living off the land.
It would have meant flying over a 'smudger' from New York, apparently of native American Indian origin, who does something with a charcoal burner and charges pounds 500 a day," said Mr Comber.