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For some characins in the study, that means males are waving pretend ants around in hopes of getting a bite.
Rivulus localities were ranked as having the lowest intensity of predation and Crenicichla localities, which include other predators such as characins, were ranked as having the highest.
interruptum feeding habits were related to changes in the abundance of consumed prey within the insects, agreeing with the conclusions of Barreto and Aranha (2006) about the importance of environmental alterations, such as floods as the main cause for diet shifts of four characins from an Atlantic Rain Forest stream in Brazil.
Eigenmann and Ogle (1907) wrote "In the difficult and highly interesting group of characins there is no more difficult nor more interesting genus than Astyanax.
Species of large fish such as jaw characins (Salminus brasiliensis), spotted surubim (Pseudoplatystoma corruscans), barred surubim (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum), streaked prochilod (Prochilodus lineatus), "piraputanga" (Brycon hilarii) and threespot leporinus (Leporinus friderici) are some of the most remarkable Pantanal ichthyofauna (Menezes, 1994).